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1. The people is about 29_______ the Taklamakan, the largest desert in China.

A. times as large as

B. times as larger as

C. time as larger as

D. times larger as

2. I just can’t see why people are so _____ with computer games.

A. reluctant

B. Obsessed

C. accurate

D. Capable

3. My mom like this necklace better than that one, but it costs almost four times _____.

A. as much

B. as many

C.so much

D. so many

4. --- Did you enjoy yourself at the party?

--- Yes. I’ve never been to _____ one before.

A. a more exciting

B. the most excited

C. a more excited

D. the most exciting

2. --- Why didn’t you enjoy the film?

--- It was _____ film that I had ever seen.

A. the most interesting

B. the least interesting

C. more interesting

D. less interesting.

3. --- Steve is good at writing short stories.

--- Yes, he is. But he writes _____ than us, so he doesn’t get good marks in writing.

A. most carefully

B. more carefully

C. less carefully

D. least carefully

4. The patient’s progress was encouraging, as he could _____ get out of bed without help.

A. nearly

B. only

C. hardly

D. badly

5. --- How do you like this piece of music by Tan Dun?

--- Well, of all the music that he has written, I think this is his _____ one.

A. better-known

B. well-known

C. best-known

D. most-known

6. Children usually set _______ firework at the Spring Festival.

A. on

B .to

C. in

D. Off

7. —When will the basketball game begin?

—It will begin later than usual _____ 15 minutes.


B. after



8.Could you please write me in English _____ Japanese if possible?

A. instead

B. instead of

C. except

D. except for

9. Neil Armstrong was the first man to walk on the moon _____ 20 July 1996.

A. in

B. on

C. at

D. For

10. _____ the help of modern technology, scientists got a photo of black hole.

A. At

B. In

C. On

D. With

11. His ill-health may well be _____ malnutrition

A. due to

B. next to

C. thanks to

D. up to

12. --- Hi, guys. Where were we yesterday?

--- We learned the differences _____ fact and opinion.

A. between

B. among

C. during

D. beyond

13. --- As a nurse, her work goes _____ taking good care of her patients.

--- Yes, she always thinks of others.

A. beyond

B. beside

C. behind

D. Between

14. What a pity I missed meeting my boss at the airport, because my car was ________ inthe traffic jam.

A. broken up

B. held up

C. kept back

D. kept up

15. Last week I took the Civil Service Admission Examination, for which I _____ fornearly three months

A. had prepared

B. would prepare

C. was preparing

D. have been preparing

16.The world's elderly population will exceed that of children by 2060, when each group_____ to account for about one fifth of the population.

A. expects

B. will expect

C. is expected

D. will be expected

17. --- I _____ you were, but you didn’t come.

--- I’m terribly sorry, I was so busy that I forgot.

A. would expect

B. was expecting

C. am expecting

D. have expected

18. The shopping mall _____ for two years, but I _____ there only once.

A. has opened; have gone

B. has opened; have been

C. has been open; have gone

D. has been open; have been

19. --- Do you know where we _____?

--- I’m not sure. I’ll tell you about it when the time _____.

A. leave; is fixed

B. will leave; is fixed

C. leave; will be fixed

D. will leave; will be fixed

20. Moon cakes _____ for free to those old people this coming Moon Festival.

A. were offered

B. will offer

C. have offered

D. will be offered

21. The latest mobile phone _____ in China.

A. will make

B. has made

C. is making

D. is made

22.In my eyes. Zhou en Lai’s morals ________ above criticism.


B. Are

C. was

D. Were

23. Look! There _____ a photo of our English teacher in today’s newspaper!

A. is

B. are

C. have

D. has

24. --- Mum, _____ of my classmates _____ glasses.

--- Oh, my god. You need to protect your eyes well.

A. three-fourths; wears

B. three-fourth; wear

C. three-fourth; wears

D. three-fourths; wear

25. Each of us _____ a life goal, which will guide us to a bright future.

A. has

B. have

C. will have

D. Had

26. Now the number of Chinese people working in Africa _____ more than one million.

A. is

B. are

C. was

D. Were

27. How time flies! Three years _____ really a short time.

A. were

B. are

C. was

D. Is

28. When Xie Tingfeng is out, he often wears dark glasses for avoid _______

A.to be recognized

B. having been recognized

C. recognized

D. being recognized

29. When _____ about the construction of the HongKong--Zhuhai--Macao Bridge, all of  us are proud.

A. talk

B. talking

C. talked

D. to talk

30.Too often young people get themselves employed quite by accident, not _____ whatlies ahead.

A. know

B. knew

C. to knew

D. Knowing

31. --- Why doesn’t the surgeon stop _____ lunch.

--- Because he is too busy _____ a dying patient in the operation room.

A. to have; tosave

B. having; to save

C. to have; saving

D. having; saving

32. The Yellow River _____ flood large areas, but now the waters of it are used to _____energy.

A. was used to; producing

B. used to; producing

C. was used to; produce

D. used to; produce

33. It is important for us _____ good manners.

A. having

B. have

C. to have

D. Had

34. I saw Tom _____ his key in the lock, turn it and open the door.

A. put

B. putting

C. puts

D. to put

35.David said that the glass was broken and warned me _____ it.

A. don’t touch

B. to not touch

C. not to touch

D. no touching

36.I bought a new bicycle, ____was very high.

A. the price of which

B. which price

C. price of which

D. which the price

37. --- Could you tell me the way ______ the scientists used to invent China’s J-20, thefourth generation of fighters?

--- It’s a top secret. I’m afraid, but those scientists all have a strong ______ of  responsibility.

A. which; sense

B. that; belief

C. in which; feel

D. where; idea

38. In most cases, college graduates don’t mind what job they will do so long as it is one_____ they can earn money to support themselves.

A. what

B. where

C. that

D. How

39. It was in the very company _____ was in the charge of Mr. Smith _____ I met my lover five years ago.

A. where, that

B. which, that

C. that, where

D. that, that

40. Writers can accurately describe objects _____ have never seen.

A. who

B. if they

C. they

D. That

41. Newly released data point to an increase in technology use among children _____some worry is changing the very nature of childhood.

A. why

B. which

C. who

D. Where

42.My father did not go to New York, the doctor suggested that he _______ there.

A. nor to go

B. hadn't go

C. not go

D. wouldn’t go

43. He would get to the university by Friday _____ today, which can ensure him of his speech.

A. were he to leave

B. if he had left

C. did he to leave

D. had he left

44. She wouldn’t have flown off the handle _____ the fact that you didn’t intend to hurt her.

A. were she to know

B. had she known

C. did she know

D. should she have known

45. --- How impressive China’s 70th anniversary of National Day parade is!

--- Definitely. If only I _____ on the scene!

A. was

B. were

C. have been

D. had been

46. “The young man _____, but he chose to stay and help me,” Prather told CBS News“I say thank you to him every day.”

A. could have left

B. must have left

C. could leave

D. must leave

47. Emphasis is laid on the necessity that all the objectives to be attained _____ into account before staring a new project.

A. be taken

B. should take

C. would be taken

D. have to be taken

Passage 1

This season, the bushfires in Australia have burned more than 12.35 million acres of land. At least 25 people have been killed and 2000 homes destroyed. According to the BBC,this is the most casualties(fit)from wildfires in the country since 2009. The University of  Sydney estimates that 480 million animals have died in South wales alone.

Zeke Hausfather, an energy systems analyst and climate researcher at Berkeley Earth,said warmer temperatures and extreme weather have made Australia more susceptible to fires and increased the length of the fire season. The drier conditions combined with record

hightemperatures in 2019 created main conditions for the disastrous fires. Australia' s fires were  worsened by the combination of those two. 2019 was the perfect storm for being the warmest year on record for Australia and the driest year on record for Australia, Hausfather added on Friday.

Kevin Trenberth, a senior scientist at the Us National Center for Atmospheric Research,

said warmer ocean temperatures are also contributed to more variable weather around the

world. Trenberth believes that global warming contributed to energy imbalances and hot

spots in the oceans, which can create a wave in the atmosphere hat locks weather patterns in

places, causing longer rain events in Indonesia, for example, and at the same time

contributing to drought in Australia. He said that once an area experiences drought conditions

for two months or more, it increases the risk of fires catching and spreading. Those changing

weather patterns due to global warming make drought events longer.

Climate experts stress that climate change is not the only factor in the severity of

wildfires. How land is managed can also impact the amount of fuel available for fires.

Practices like controlled burns and other factor can impact the risk to people and property,

such as warning systems and the type of development in a given area Changing those policies

has great potential to limit future damage from wildfires along with changes to how fire

management resources are dispatched

1. What does paragraph one mainly tell us?

A. The results of Australian fires

B. The causes of Australian fires

C. The damaged areas of Australian fires

D. The property destruction of Australian fires

2. What does the phrase "more susceptible to "underlined in the second paragraph mean?

A. Sure to cause

B. Quick to adapt to

C. Sensitive to

D. Easy to be defended from

3. According to Kevin Frenberth, what contributes to the bushfire?

A. Global warming.

B. Variable weather

C. Warmer ocean temperatures.

D. The imbalanced energy.

4. What is the purpose of the author in the last paragraph?

A. To manage natural resource

B. To predict the seriousness of Australia fires

C. To stress the effects of Australia fires

D. To suggest how to reduce damage from wildfires.

Passage 2

Cars could soon be communicating with each other using 5G to make drivers aware of upcoming dangers, scientists claim The ultra-fast mobile Internet would allow for rapidinformation transmission and could make drivers aware of black ice pot holes or other dangers up ahead.

Several car manufacturers are already integrating 5G into their vehicles including as atool to welcome the coming of self-driving vehicles. Experts believe the high-speedconnection will also improve the reliability and capability of automated vehicles to the pointwhere they will be safer than the manual cars being driven today. They predict the number of  road traffic accidents-which according to the World Health Organization (WHO) account for  more than 1.3 million deaths and up to 50 million people injured worldwide every year will  drop thoroughly as a result.

Dr Dimitrios Liarokapis, a member of the research group, said: "With the help of 5G, anearly warning system that alerts(…报警) drivers is possible within the next few years. Carsthat are close enough to the danger area will send warning messages to other cars aroundthem using short-range communication technologies, but also to-cars further away using 5G  fast and reliably. Then those cars will transmit the same information to cars near them and so  on, forming a joined-up, multi-vehicle communication chain that stretches far and wide.

Earlier this year it revealed

Automotive giant Ford is already working on connected cars. Earlier this year it  revealed its intention to fit 80 percent of its 2020 vehicles with technology that warns drivers  about up- coming road accidents, bad weather and traffic jams. The system pools data from  other connected road users, emergency services and the authorities and sends it from the  cloud directly to the car. Alerts are shown on the car's dashboard display warning the driver about what lies around the corner.

1.what makes it possible for 5G technology to be used to warn drivers of upcomingdangers?

A.its high speed

B.its safety

C.its low cost

D.its steadiness

2.what’s the benefit of integrating 5G into self-driving vehicles?

A.increasing the speed of self-driving cars.

B.improving their reliability and capability.

C.making self-driving vehicles easy to drive.

D.making road traffic accidents completely

3.what dose the under word “transmit” in paragraph 3 probably mean?





4.mainly talked about in Paragraph3?

A.what the early warning system is.

B.the invention of the early warning system

C.how the early warning system works with the help of 5G

D.advantages and disadvantages of the early warning system

5.how does automotive giant ford use the warning system?

A.80% of its vehicles will employ the warning system after 2020.

B.it use the system to offer help to the emergency services

C.it uses the system to warn authorities of the upcoming dangers

D.it equips its vehicles with the system to collect data to warn drivers

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